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P & Q Consulting Collaborates closely with:

At SCCI Ltd, as collaboration scientists, we believe that partnership management is difficult if not impossible without measurement. We offer a set of collaborative relationship appraisal tools, under the brand PartnerLink, that provide key performance measurements and solution-focussed diagnostics.

At EQ Partnering, we have a passionate belief in the power of true collaboration to create real economic value for businesses that choose to work together.

Strategic business relationships, such as outsourcing or joint ventures, can create new value for you because of the expertise and opportunity another organisation brings.

Strategic relationships between key suppliers and their customers can bring benefits such as efficiency savings, improved customer satisfaction and innovation.

Our goal is the efficient and successful implementation of IT outsourcing projects. We support you with IT Outsourcing consulting, IT Outsourcing services, and we provide you with IT Outsourcing products in all phases of a project - through to the implementation.

We offer tools for fast, easy and standardized implementation of IT outsourcing projects - from strategy development to project implementation.

Flintloque helps organisations to implement management systems that comply with the requirements of International Standards. Such projects require behavioural change within an organisation and so we focus on designing systems that mesh with the behaviours already exhibited.

The result is a management system embedded into day-to-day work activities, which is why, since our founding in 2005, no organisation with which we have worked has ever failed to reach the Standard it set out to achieve