P and Q Consulting Ltd

Collaborative Business Relationship Assessments – BS 11000:

"Collaborative working complements and enhances the operation of existing business activities to provide an improved relationship that adds value to the parties involved"

We assess how organisations address their outsourcing collaborative business relationships and ensure they are effective, optimized and deliver enhanced benefit to the stakeholders, using the new British Standard on Collaborative Business Relationships BS 11000-1 and BS 11000-2.

This standard sets out pan-industry good practice for establishing, running and improving collaborative relationships including outsourcing deals between organisations.

We conduct assessments of businesses and their service provider relationships compared with BS 11000 to identify gaps and recommend improvement actions for implementation and help you to decide if you are ready to undertake formal certification.

To talk about an assessment or sourcing consulting support please call +44 (0) 7770 431 409

Sourcing Strategy to Sourcing Management powered by pliXos

We can assist you across all phases of the Sourcing Lifecycle from Strategy, Assessment & Selection through to Sourcing Management.

To achieve fast results we use the pliXos Outsourcing Advisor to develop the Sourcing Business Case and pliXos Tender Manager to develop the RFI/RFP, manage the interaction with service providers, evaluate the responses to select the best solution.

We work with customers to ensure success in their management of (out)sourcing relationships using industry standards and good practice, such as BS 11000. In our work in this area we are collaborating closely with our partners EQ Partnering, SCCI and Flintloque. This enables us to provide a complete service covering all apects of successful collaborative relationship management including culture and behaviour, relationship diagnostics and linking to other areas of quality management.

In Applications Development outsourcing we work with the pliXos Outsourcing Director to provide transparent management and governance to enable successful globally distributed software projects.